Dark Wings

Dark Wings


Album: Imagination
Track: 21

composed by: Roland Mair-Gruber
released: 15.02.2014


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►►composed by Roland Mair-Gruber
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© 2014 All music rights belong to Roland Mair-Gruber.

This is a self made, self composed soundtrack by Roland Mair-Gruber. All Music was recorded and produced by Roland Mair-Gruber with Cubase.

Information about used software:
Cubase 5, Vienna Symphonic Library, Cinesamples Cinebrass, Cinesamples VoXos, Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys, NI Damage and Edirol.

Epic score, original score, official score, original soundtrack, O.S.T, official soundtrack composed by Roland Mair-Gruber with Cubase.
Making epic orchestral music with cubase; All sounds and tracks are made digital with Cubase 5.

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Here you can also a Making Of and some kind of tutorials for Cubase generated, epic, orchestral Soundtracks and Scores.

This soundtrack was kind of inspired by the great music of Dr.Who and was composed for a short film. This film will coming out soon…

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© 2014 All right reserved.