The Magician’s Art (2012)

01.) In The Heart Of Shadows
02.) Welcome To The Future
03.) Rise Of A Hero
04.) The Homecoming
05.) Wake Up!
06.) EPICA
07.) Till Hell Freezes Over
08.) Fight For Freedom
09.) Hope
10.) Forsaken World



This is my first released Album “The Magician’s Art”. It contains 10 epic, orchestral music and was published 2012. Including trailer music tracks like “Wake Up!” and “Fight For Freedom”, there are also tracks, which were composed for several video games, for example “EPICA”. This album also contains fantasy tracks, like “Forsaken World” and romantic music, like “Hope” or “The Homecoming”.


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© 2012, All music was composed, produced and recorded by Roland Mair-Gruber. All rights reserved.